Releasing Wrist Pain in Yoga Practice

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Most people wrongly assume that Yoga is the “Green cross” of exercise and as such it is impossible to hurt yourself while practicing. It was an assumption I wrongly made in my early practice and it lead me to injury on more than one occasion. Thankfully it also inspired me to become a Biokineticist.

If you practice any ‘flowing’ yoga which includes poses that require you to bear weight on your hands, you may be able to relate to feeling discomfort in your wrists, often on ...

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7 Unexpected Consequences of Teaching Yoga

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For many a yoga practitioner, the precipice of our yoga journey may be symbolised by our teacher training and our metamorphosis into an instructor of the art and science of the practice.

Training institutions use flowery language and promises of spiritual learning and physical breakthroughs to lure their students – whether their claims are true are debatable.

There certainly are enough posts on the internet telling you why you should do the training so in the spirit of balance and transparency; here are ...

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Yoga with a DJ

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Join us for a 90 minute yoga class led by Aimée accompanied by Raoul Horn (Funk Protectors) who will be mixing live sounds to enliven the experience.
Aimée will be blending dynamic and rhythmic movement into the traditional format of the Vinyasa style class so we can find more fluidity in our bodies and expression in our practice.

The class will take ...

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